Horse Play at Mesquite Ranch is off to a great start this year with several new additions to our program.  We have been working with women from Downtown Women's Center living in the Gratitude House and the Haven.  These women coming off addictions have completed their classes to the place where they are able to have their own apartment and are seeing the return of their children.  This adjustment period is a very stressful time for both the women and children, and we are using horses to help them through this step in their recovery.  This is an 8 week program with sessions designed specifically for women facing change.

We have been seeing several youth (generally ages 8 to 18) from the Youth Empowerment Services (YES Waiver Program)  through Texas Panhandle Centers  (TPC).  The YES Waiver Program is a grant provided for young people who have been diagnosed with behavioral issues and have been in counseling for long periods of time.   It is designed to give young people the benefit of alternative types of therapy.  These young individuals are enjoying time here with our horses and the interaction is giving them confidence and success.  We have seen several doing so well, they have graduated from the program.  If you are interested in more information about this program, contact Rick Smithson at TPC at 806 349-5659.

We continue to work the families from the HOPES program at Family Support Services.  These families come out once a week for equine assisted learning in the area of parenting.  Horses are ideal for this venue as many times they act just like children.  Several principles are taught with parents and children afforded the opportunity to "practice" these with a variety of our horses.  Parents needing individual sessions are able to come out on appointment basis and interpreters are provided, if needed.  This program is offered for families with no active CPS involvement and at least one child, 4 years or younger, in the home.  Autumn Barraza (806) 342-2514 at Family Support Services is the contact person.

We have begun a veteran's program and it is highlighted specifically on our "What's New" page.