Horse Play at Mesquite Ranch is off to a great start this year with several new additions to our program.  We have enjoyed seeing women from Martha's Home who visit our facility weekly and enjoy building relationships with our horses.  On the very first visit, the women were asked just to grab a brush and mingle with the herd getting know the equine family.  When we talked later about their experiences, they said they felt accepted and loved.  Great first visit!

We have been seeing several youth (generally ages 8 to 18) from the Youth Empowerment Services (YES Waiver Program)  through Texas Panhandle Centers  (TPC).  The YES Waiver Program is a grant provided for young people who have been diagnosed with behavioral issues and have been in counseling for long periods of time.   It is believed they will benefit from alternative types of therapy.  These young individuals are enjoying time here with our horses.  This equine interaction gives them confidence and success.  We have seen several doing so well they have graduated from the program.  If you are interested in this program, you can contact Rick Smithson at TPC at 806 349-5659.

Starting this July 2017, Horse Play has entered into a contract with the Downtown Women's Center, specifically their Gratitude House families.  These families consist of women who have graduated from the Center's program and have been moved to an apartment for the purpose of being reunited with their children.  The re-unification of the family is sometimes overwhelming and this is where Horse Play is offering support.  Each week, a closed group of families come to us for parenting sessions.  We are just getting started with this program, but already we are getting positive feedback.  Thank you, Diane Gilmore and staff, for giving us this opportunity.