Well, it's not every Spring we start off with this much excitement!  Mindy Briggs is responsible for the shenanigans going on around here with a murder mystery dinner and fundraiser to support the projects of P.EO.  (I'm not sure what that stands for either), but they are mighty fine people.  We packed in close to 70  for a night with great entertainment, wonderful food, and lots of fun.  Thank you, Mindy for thinking of us when planning this event.  
   I started back teaching this last Fall (that's why this news blog has been very quiet this winter).  Horse Play at Mesquite Ranch has continued to serve the youth at the Presbyterian Children's Home on Saturdays and the children at Arrow Treatment Center, but for the most part, Frank and I are winding down the ministry.  It is hard to believe that we have been  working this for 10 years, starting when we still lived on Sharman Loop, and actively for the last 7 years.  When we first began after reading The Purpose Driven Life, we estimated we would probably try for 10 years before we would want to retire.  We prayed and believed the Lord led us on this path, and it has been all we imagined.  One of our greatest achievements being a comment from a young man we had served while hauling horses to the Youth Center of the High Plains saying we had made a difference for him that changed his life.  We do not always see the results of the work, so it is a blessing when we do occasionally hear feedback such as this.  The Lord has done amazing things and it has been the subject of many conversations how He has orchestrated what has gone on in the Faith Arena.  We've watched horses do things they have never done before, acted in ways contrary to their nature, and touched just the right person at just the right time knowing our Lord directed them. 
   Our direction is changing, our commitment now is primarily with the youth at the Presbyterian Children's Home.  These high school youth continue to come to our ranch on Saturdays and work with our horses.  They have been given  the opportunity to choose a horse "of their own" and work with every time they come. The horses are young like them and it is heart-warming and absolutely pure pleasure to see the bond they are making with their horse all the while learning the lessons of give and take in relationships.  We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with these young people.
   The prayer I'm still watching for, and am believing for, is that the Lord would send someone to take over and continue this work.  It has been a wonderful outreach in our community, and we both would love to see it continue.  We can only imagine what it would be like in the hands of those who have the energy, vitality, and innovation that could take it to a new level.  Are you out there???
   We will keep you posted.

Lord Bless,