Most of our horses are registered Tennessee Walking Horses.  We originally became familiar with this breed field trialing bird dogs.  We found them to be very people loving and gentle besides their most popular attribute - giving a smooth ride.  We are presently have 6 Walkers that are being used in equine assisted therapy and theraputic riding.

 We have started a new program this summer of 2018 pairing veterans with Mustangs.  Our first introduction to the Spanish Colonial Mustangs was through our friend, Denise Hefly Williams who introduced us to Bryant Rickman of the Rickman Spanish Mustangs.  On one of our visits to Antlers, OK to see these horses, we spotted one  young stallion that we both admired.  He had been running with his sire's herd and had not been seen for quite some time.   Bryant was able to capture the band and isolated this two year old stallion when we saw him.  His registered name is Top of the Line, so we purchased him and named him Shelby, which is the top of the line name for the Ford Mustang.  We like to say this guy gave up his freedom to help our freedom fighters as he is a fast becoming a favorite of veterans who come here.   

Shelby is on the far left, his sire Top Rail next to him and his 2018 younger brother.

Shelby in a holding pen before we brought him home.