Most of our horses are registered Tennessee Walking Horses.  We originally became familiar with this breed field trialing bird dogs.  We found them to be very people loving and gentle besides their most popular attribute - giving a smooth ride.  We raise, train, and sell a small number each year.  The horses we raise are handled from birth and trained using the lastest training techniques to ensure a respectful, enjoyable horse to be around.  We use all of our horses in therapy.  This means they interact with the children at will and engage in activities involving various items including hula hoops, cones, floaties, tires, tarps including several sessions being painted with tempera paint.  By the time the horses are 2 years old, in addition to their work as therapy horses, they have learned all the fundamental lessons associated with groundwork and are started with riding exercises.  We proudly introduce you to a integral part of Horse Play, namely our equine family. 

                                           Chance's Gold Dust H. (Sire)

                          Gold Dust's Pride (Sire)             

                                           Prides Lily (Dam)

               A Golden Opportunity (Sire)

                                           Merry Boy's F-88 (Sire)

                          Merry Ebony Dream (Dam)

                                   Midnight Ebony Dream (Dam)

Sensational Opportunity      

                                         Playboy's Rooster (Sire)

                            Playboy's Final Edition (Sire)     

                                         Final's Favorite Lady (Dam)

               Unbelievable Sensation (Dam)

                                         Sudden Sensation (Sire)

                           Kool Sensation (Dam)

                                         Mountain's First Lady (Dam)

 Sensational Opportunity

This was our stallion (now gelded).  His barn name is Joseph because of his beautiful coat. He is nicely gaited and has a very gentle disposition.

We bred Joseph to 5 of our mares, 4 of his foals are pictured on this page.  He is now in training to be Frank's riding horse.  Frank and I joined the Panhandle Trail Riders Association and look forward to enjoying vacationing with our horses and friends.

 Blackjack.... is a 22 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding.  We've owned him since he was a 3 year old.  We've hauled him for the past two years to the Turn Center for their annual Cowboy Camp.  He gave all the children a ride.  Many of the children had never been on a horse before.  He's a real confidence builder because of his gentle way. 

I've judged field trials on him, ridden him in horse shows, trail rides, and taken him to various schools around the city for equine-assisted activities.  More importantly, he is a steady favorite of our grandchildren. 

(Above)  My daughter and grandchildren!

Lucy, out granddaughter, won this battle with Fancy.  She has been taking riding lesson on her and doing beautifully.

  (pictured below)  

Mia was born May 17, 2015.  She is a Sabino Tobiano Paint and thinks all humans are scratching posts.  We sold her this summer to our good friends Dale and Patti Finney!  We still get to see her all the time.

 Pretzel, (above) so named because of her legs, was born on May 5th.  She and one of our favorite mares have been purchased by our good friend, Molly Rafferty.  She says Pretzel is a handful!

 Last, but certainly not least, is Ditto (carbon copy of her mom) born on July 13th, 2015.   She is the sweetest filly ever!  She is known to quietly walk up behind you while you are working  and just stand.  It surprises when you turn around to find her there waiting.    Ditto has found a home in Colorado Springs with a new friend, Alice Lenich, who dearly loves her and tells me she's doing great and already has a trainer lined up for March!