Youth Empowerment Services

Texas Panhandle Centers of Amarillo contacted us asking if we would be willing to work with their clients in their

Youth Empowerment Services (YES) program.  The target population is youth ages 3-18 that are on Medicaid, have

been diagnosed with "serious emotional disturbances" and who have been in and out of psychiatric hospitals,

group homes, etc.  The goal of this waiver program is to keep youth in their homes and community by funding

innovative and creative treatment and support to the youth and their families.  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy falls

into one of these kinds of programs they fund.  We began seeing clients in December 2015, and at this writing, have

8 clients who come for weekly sessions.  The youngest we have worked with has been a 9 year old.   Horses have a 

way of breaking down barriers and getting to the heart of the issues quickly, and for youth who have been in

 traditional therapy for a better part of their lives, this interaction with a horse is having a positive impact.   

 Grant for Veterans in the Panhandle Counties

The Veteran's Resource Center in Amarillo has received a grant allowing Horse Play to serve veterans outside the Potter and Randall Counties.  We have travelled to Borger and Plainview, and we are looking forward to visiting Hereford in the near future.  We have been serving veterans here at Horse Play since February of 2015.  Currently, a group visits our ranch each Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.  They are given transportation if needed, but some drive on their own.  Veterans wanting individual sessions schedule visits as needed.  The new grant enables us to transport horses to other locations to be able to meet the needs of veterans in counties outside of the Amarillo area.  If you are a veteran and are interested in participating in this program, contact
 Frank Foster at 806 654-7331 or Verlene Dickson, U.S. Army- Retired at 806 342-2509.